2 hour delay January 24th 2019

Student Handbook

You can access the updated handbook by clicking the link below or by picking up a hard copy in the main office. Areas that have undergone some changes include computer use (p.17), the new 9th grade Proficiency

Based Grading initiative (see link on p.22), and the new 

academic eligibility guidelines for extracurriuculars (p.28).

Please note these areas of particular interest:

  • A new unified Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying procedure put forth by the Agency of Education (this may also be viewed here) - p.10-12
  • Dress Code - p.15
  • Cell Phone Use - p.17
  • Attendance - p.17 & 18
  • Grading Policies - p.20
  • Senior Privileges - p.21
  • Vocational Study & Graduation Requirements- p.22 & 23
  • Promotion & Retention - p.24

2016 - 2017 TVMHS Student Handbook