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About Twin Valley Middle High School

We are a grade 6-12 school of 250 students from the southern Vermont towns of Whitingham, Jacksonville, Wilmington, Readsboro, Halifax, Searsburg, Marlboro and West Dover. We are located in Whitingham, VT.

Our academic year is divided into two semesters; report cards are issued four times per year, and academic notices are issued at the midpoint of each marking period.

TVMHS Mission Statement:

"Growing innovators who will change the world."


We prepare students with the essential skills and experiences of innovative thinking to cultivate habits of finding new solutions for real world challenges.

Twin Valley Middle High School sets forth the following Expectations for Student Learning:

  • Communication - The TVMHS student shall be able to communicate effectively across all disciplines and circumstances.
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving - The TVMHS student shall be able to think critically in order to make informed judgments and to solve problems effectively.
  • Social Responsibility - The TVMHS student shall demonstrate the ability to work toward a common goal within the school and in the larger community.